Best Real Estate service with all the features you actually need

Lovehome Team is a Reliable, Goal driven and Satisfaction Guaranteed  solution that is efficient, professional to work with, and  your target and expectation can be achieved !


Home Buyer Consultant

Making a mistake when purchasing a home can cause undo financial burdens to people and families.Contact us for valuable information about how to find your dream home without paying too much. With topics ranging from mortgage pre-approval to the role of your lawyer to home inspections, our experience covers all the common questions and misconceptions about buying a home in the ever changing real estate market.


New Home Developments

Thinking of building your dream home? Our team works closely with GTA’s premier home builders and offers end-to-end service that ensures your new home is built the way you’ve always envisioned.


Advanced Unique Technique

The most prominent feature of our service is the ability to analyze the housing market data, negotiate for the best interests and predict the future market trend . We can then perform an advanced search based on any criteria: property location, status, type, price, size, MLS number etc.No matter,you buy,sell or rent,we will find your best one for you and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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